Phoenix Fletcher


About the Artist

Phoenix is a fine art, documentary and portrait photographer, born near Kansas City, Missouri, and currently working out of the Nashville, TN area. She has both studied and created art all her life, with photography being her most constant medium. She was honored to be able develop her eye for fine art by studying photography and film at the San Francisco Art Institute. 
Phoenix works in both film and digital formats. 

An explorer and adventurer by nature, Phoenix has lived in a Buddhist Temple on the Big Island of Hawaii, in a solar powered cabin on Mt Shasta, and in the heart of New Orleans, amongst other interesting places, before settling into her bucolic homestead in middle Tennessee. 
She will happily travel anywhere in the world, provided expenses are paid. 

Artist Statement

"The art of preserving time through the photographic arts has long fascinated my mind and occupies a great deal of my waking life. The box of the viewfinder is a structured limitation, inside which I find comfort and truth. Every image is art, as I freeze time and space, and both honor and remake reality through my lens. This is one of my greatest passions; seeing, creating, and working within the glorious confines of photographic imagery. This art is only as limiting as the technical skill and imagination of the photographer, which I have always found to be very enabling. Translating what I think I see, into what the viewer sees, is a challenging and rewarding pursuit that motivates and inspires me."